Zinc Mineral: Benefits, Foods, Deficiency

Zinc is an amazing mineral; it’s actually a co-factor for 100s of enzymes. Zinc deficiency is caused due to high amounts of emotional stress. When you are emotionally stressed zinc automatically helps in repairing the body, skin, brain. The other cause of zinc deficiency is over exercise. Even after pregnancy mothers have zinc deficiency.

Best Zinc Rich Foods:

Pumpkin seeds
Grass feed beef
Sprouted nuts and seeds
Green peas
Probiotic foods
Sea vegetables

How To Know You Are Zinc Deficiency:

  1. The deficiency of zinc can cause number of health issues.
  2. If you tend to get sick frequently and have allergy problems then you are have zinc deficiency
  3. Leaky gut, here the proteins can lack out of the gut and cause many issues. This is related to food allergies and thyroid problem.
  4. Diarrhea. If you ever have loose stools, this a big warning signs that you are zinc deficient
  5. Thinning hair or hair loss, zinc is main mineral that supports thicker hair growth.
  6. Inflammatory skin issue, especially acne.

Benefits Of Zinc For Health:

  • Controls PH:
    Zinc functions in controlling the PH, if you have a PH problem then eat more of zinc foods.
  • To absorb zinc you need a good acid stomach. People who take antacids are prone to develop zinc deficiencies.
  • Zinc aids in removing allergies
  • Zinc also controls growth of child, hair, nails skin, acne
  • Zinc acts as a antioxidant that fights cancer
  • Fights cold and increases immunity Zinc is used as a counter drug for fighting cold
  • Zinc prevents Diarrhea and chronic digestive problems.
  • Zinc improves liver health. Having more zinc food reduces the infections to liver.
  • It increases fertility in males.
  • Zinc helps in weight loss.
  • Zinc plays a major role in cell division and growth which helps muscle growth and repair.
  • Zinc has the power to fight diabetes. It helps to balance the insulin hormone that regulates the blood sugar in the body.
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