Unknown Health Benefits of Lemon

Unknown health benefits of Lemon: Lemon is called as citrus lemon, nembokia in Sanskrit, Mainly in India, everyone knows that lemon is used for every poojs, the same way it’s very useful fruit for medical purpose.

So a lemon can be used as food and also medicine. Lemon is filled with vitamin c, this increases the immunity power over any diseases. Best antibiotic, antidiabetic, anti-cancer, Antifungal and antimicrobial.

Limonene is the oil extracted from lemons, which helps in preventing cancer.

Preparing few medicines with lemon:

  • Its acts as a mosquito repellent acts as a protective agent
  • If you also apply the lemon juice in places where we had a mosquito bite, you will soon in seconds have no irritation; lemon is called an insecticidal, larvicid
  • If you do a research we can find that Indian saints always applied lemon juice over there body when doing meditation for hours, this made them from ants, mosquitoes, insects etc.
    lemon is full of citric acid which is an alcolaid which can dissolve the stones in the kidney

preparing gastrointestinal tonic:

  • If you are suffering from vomiting, indigestion, loss of appetite and gastric trouble.
  • Lemon juice, ginger juice, cumin powder, little salt,
  • Take 100ml water, add cumin powder, 2tps ginger powder, 2tbps lemon juice, then add salt,
  • Taking this drink every day can keep you active. This also works in removing ulcers, loss of appetite,

Preparing a face pack using lemon:

Lemon juice, Turmeric Powder, honey, curd,

First, add curd, then Turmeric Powder, lemon juice, honey,
add this to face or hands, wait for 15 minutes and wash it. Now you see a beautiful glowing skin. It’s the best treatment for oily skin, it also removes pimples, blamishes, it also works as antiagent aging.

This face pack is called a lemon herbal face pack. In today world we are investing heavy money on cosmetics which are filled with chemicals. The lemon face pack can be prepared at home without any negative effect.

This pack also works for women after delivery, where some women get marks on the abdomen, this can be removed by applying the pack.

Preparing herbal juice with lemon:

Add water in a bowl, add lemon leaves, boil the leaves in low flame
if you have sines, cold you can steam them using the leaves.

Women use the boiled lemon water of vaginal discharge, washing vagina can clear irritation and protecting from vaginal infections

A sore throat, gargling, removing dandruff, hair growth,
edmund hillary the first mount Everest climber also reached his goal using the lemon

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