Top 9 Medicinal Health Benefits Of Cloves

Learn the health benefits of eating cloves every day, cloves are a spice used in food and beverages, too much of cloves are also not good. The article discusses about clove oil, clove powder and how cloves help reduce toothache,parasites, gum infections, skin tags and made more.

Clove is a spice used more in Asian regions, cloves are used along with food, tea, cinnamon, nutmeg, and garlic. These little things are amazing,we get them all around the world, they are anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti septic.

Medicinal Health Benefits Of Cloves:

  1. Clove helps in reducing tooth pain, prevents oral odor, cough and breathing related problems.
  2. When you feel vomiting sensation are have awkwardness in stomach having clove oil will reduce the symptoms.
  3. Relieve common cold: mixing honey, clove oil with warm water will instantly reduce common cold. You can drink this three times a day.
  4. Climate change diseases: clove helps in fighting with diseases caused due to climate changes, its also a good ingredient to be added to any food we take.
  5. Strengthen nervous system naturally: clove is a natural ingredient to straighten nervous system, taking basil leaves, mint, cloves and cardamom with tea can energize the nervous system and also reduces mental stress.
  6. Sinus Relief: take clove powder and add water to make it a solid paste and keep it near the nose, take a few breaths to reduce sinus.
  7. Reduces bloating: add few cloves to the tea every day to reduce stomach bloating
  8. Good for body and skin: take 10 cloves, sugar and turmeric powder and add the mixture to milk.
  9. Fatigue and tension reliever: eating clove every day in normal food can extremely reduce tension and fatigue.

These are 9 benefits of having cloves, normally cloves are added in every day food, this makes it spicy.

Updated: Dec 26, 2016 — 2:44 pm
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