Pan Leaf Benefits: Cures Microilaria, Psoriasis, Chest Congestion

Pan leaf benefits: Pan Leaf is also called as betel leaf and betel pepper, in Sanskrit called as nagavalli, follow the page to know numerous health benefits of eating this leaf. In India it is must eat leaf after a meal, the older generations used to chew it every hour. The heart shaped leaf itself proves that it can keep your heart healthy.

Read through the article know the pan leaf benefits for health.


Pan Leaf Benefits:


Betel Leaves Treatment For Microfilaria:

Take a Pan Leaf and add 5 black peppers and chew every day. This almost will kill any poison in the body. Pepper has the tendency to remove unwanted wastes from the body. Eating Pan Leaf once a day will help filarial fever treatment.

When a person is bitten by any insect, as a precaution they can eat betel leaf with black pepper before going to doctor. It has the tendency to stop poison from reaching the heart quickly.


Betel Leaves Treatment Psoriasis:

Take betel leaf and make it into juice. Apply this juice on the skin to reduce Psoriasis. The betel juice can also be applied on chest to remove any mucus secretion in chest and heart.

Betel juice can also kill ring warms found in human digestive system. It can be taken once a month to kills the ring warms.


Pan Leaf Benefits For Children:


Betel For children with asthma, chest congestion and cold.

Take a vessel, add coconut oil, betel juice and camphor and mix it well to make a semi solid paste. If your child is suffering from cold, asthma, breathing problems or chest congestion, you can heat a little bit of the paste and apply on the chest to have a good night sleep.

Obesity: work in reducing weight when taken betel leaf and 5 black pepper, take this every morning for 2 months and see how your weight gets reduced.

Good Milk Production For Women:

Take 2-3 betel leaves and heat them over 10 drops of oil in a pan for 1 minute and then after 5 minutes place them on women’s breast to have good milk production of infants.

In case women have more milk secretion but the baby can’t drink the milk, the milk get stuck and become harder balls which causes lot of pain to women, in such cases the heated betel leaves can help women reduce the pain.


Helps In Treating Expectorant:

Boil some water and add 2 betel leaves, pepper powder, 2 Cloves and tulasi leaves and after heating all this for a while, remove the vessel and start breathing them steam covering a cloth around. This way you can breathe the steam which helps in treating expectorant, cold, and cough.

Carminative removes excess gas from body and helps indigestion.

Cardiac Tonic:

Pan Leaf helps in strengthening the heart. The betel juice is also called as a tonic for all internal organs.

Digestion of food:

Betel levees help in digestion, for example in India, this is eaten after meals. Betel leaf is chewed after along with betel nuts and shell-lime. The leaf actually helps in digestion in better way, if you have meat, chicken or beef you should have a betel leaf so that it can quickly digest these hard substances.



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