Health Benefits Of Radish, Treats Piles, Jaundice, Vitiligo

There are plenty of Health Benefits Of Radish, radish can treat piles, jaundice, Vitiligo, Hypopigmentation, Spermaturia and many more. Learn how to prepare various radish medicine, these home remedies works great.

We have both white and red radish, red radish is called watermelon radish. Most people don’t like eating a radish as when its cut and kept aside for a while, it emits bad smell.

But the smell actually helps human bodies; radish protects us from cold, asthma and strengthens kidney.

Health Benefits Of Radish:

Health Benefits of Radish Juice To Treat Piles:

  • Mix 50ml of radish juice with half cut of buttermilk.
  • Take this juice every day in the mornings to cure piles and pain caused by piles.

Radish is an anti irritant, helps in digestion, increases appetite, helps in removing secreted toxic materials from kidney.

Health Benefits of Radish Cough Syrup:

Take bowl; add 1tsp honey, 10ml radish juice, and little salt.

Treatment For Jaundice With Radish Leaves:

Take few radish leaves and put them in a mixer grinder and once mixed. Filter the juice in a bowl and add little sugar.

Radish leaves with sugar is a best medicine hepatoprotective for jaundice and any urinary infections. Jaundice patients are advised to take this juice 2 times a day In morning and evening. These will slowly increasing the function of liver to normal. Take the juice for one month and you will be cured from jaundice.

Vitiligo And Hypopigmentation Treatment With Raish Seeds:

  • Take radish seeds and make it into powder
  • Take a pan and add Sesame oil
  • Now heat the pan with light flame, add oil and radish seeds powder and mix them till semi solid.
  • When sun protective factor SPF is less in the body we have sun burns. Applying this semi solid radish medicine will cure the patch and treats Hypopigmentation.

Spermaturia Treatment With Radish Seeds:

Mix radish seeds powder and sugar and add them to a bowl of water. Mix them properly and drink every week to cure the spermaturia problem in men.

Few men have this problem where the sperm comes out along with urine.

The are many more health benefits of radish, in your daily diet list eat raw radish every morning along with breakfast. This will help you have healthy life.

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