Health Benefits Of Papaya Fruit, leaves and Seeds

Health Benefits Of Papaya: Papaya has enormous health benefits for men and women, papaya fruit, seeds and leaves have exceptional medial values to treat deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, chicken guinea,swine flu and bird flu.

Along with benefits of papaya, learn few useful tips in preparing medicine with papaya leaves and cure many diseases and internal health issues. Papaya is called a tree of life and was noticed by people for its delicious taste.

Health Benefits Of Papaya:

  • Papaya seeds are great for liver and kidney
  • Papaya was noticed by people because of its delicious taste. Papaya is called a tree of life. It is good with fiber, vital fats, concentrative active nutrients, antioxidants, antibactirial.
  • Papaya seeds help people who are suffering from intestinal parasites, they help with a healthy digestive system and good for the liver.
  • Contains b vitamins, c, d, e and small amounts of vitamin k useful for liver disease.
  • Never cook papaya seeds. Best for liver cirrhosis, dry up to 5 seeds and grind them and mix with a fresh lime juice.
  • Detoxing liver and keeps away liver diseases, they help in kidney failure.
  • Papaya contains vitamin A, which as beta carotene chemical, which helps in removing free radical elements,
    Anti inflammatory best for relieving arthritis, kills harmful bacteria. Can cure viral infections and cure typhoid.
    Acts as anticarcinogenic to stop the growth of cancer cells.
  • It can treat colorectal cancer as it is as dietary fiber
    Intestinal worms and parasites.
  • Helps metabolize proteins, since helps geriatric issues.
    Form of birth control, both men and women used in india.
    For men who eat papaya seeds for 3 months can reduce the sperms.
  • Use papaya seeds in coconut oil to cleanse the skin and scalp.
  • Pregnant women should not use papaya seeds or green papaya.
  • Infants should not consume papaya seeds.

Benefits of papaya leaves:

  • Papaya is a food and also has great medicinal values.
  • Papaya leaves are used in many medicines as they fight against any deadly diseases.
  • Papaya seeds have anti pelliculaire property, which pushes out warms from the intestine.
  • Papaya also acts as anti cancerous, which protects the body cells.
  • Antitumor, protects from getting tumors in the body
    Acts as a hepatoprotective agent, which strengths liver.
    Acts as antioxidant.
  • Removes constipation
  • Antibiotic agents, which protects from viral diseases
    Protects from deadly diseases like dengue, malaria, chicken guinea infections

Preparing medicine to cure viral diseases, this medicine helps increase the blood platelets:

  1. Take 2 papaya leaves and make a paste.
  2. Now smash a small piece of gingerNow add the papaya paste and ginger to a pan and add water
  3. Boil it for 5 to 10 minute. Now filter it and mix 1 teaspoon of honey
  4. Take 100ml of this juice every morning

This will kill the virus and increase the blood platelets in the body. You will be out from the viral disease in just 1 week.

Use papaya seeds to remove worms, parasites from the body:

Take 15 papaya seeds, add them to a pan and boil in water for 30 minutes

Now filter it, add honey and consume 100ml weekly once for three weeks.

This will work great for children, because children play in a unhygienic manner. There are more cases of kids having the tapeworms in the intestine. So it’s good for them to have this papaya seeds medicine.

Curing Dandruff, Nerval pain with Papaya leaves:

  1. Take papaya leaves and coconut oil
  2. Add papaya paste and coconut oil into a pan
  3. Boil it for 30 minutes and filter the mix
  4. The oil that is filtered can be used to apply to head for dandruff removal
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