Health Benefits Of Jerusalem Artichokes

Health Benefits Of Jerusalem Artichokes: Jerusalem artichoke is just a bumpy, fleshy, root vegetable of sunflower family plants. Its subterranean nutty, flavorful, starch rich origin is eaten much the same manner like potato in several parts of Western Europe and Mediterranean areas.

It will not be mistaken to globe artichoke, which is just an edible flower bud. Some of the typical names are sunroot, sunchoke, topinambur etc. Jerusalem artichokes are native to the Central America. Jerusalem tubers feature grey, purple, or pink skin externally, and sweet, fine textured ice white flesh inside. Some roots have rather bumpy and incredibly knobby external surface, making their clean a tougher job.

Each tuber weighs about 75 to 200 grams. Jerusalem artichoke is relatively full of calories, supplies about 73 calories per 100 g, approximately equivalent to that of potatoes.

Health Benefits Of Jerusalem Artichokes:

  1. The root has minimal amounts of fat and includes zero cholesterol. Its top quality phytochemical profile contains of dietary fiber, and antioxidants, in addition to modest percentages of minerals, and vitamins.
  2. Inulin is just a zero calorie saccharine and inert carb which does not undergo metabolic process inside the human body, and therefore, make this tuber a perfect sweetener for diabetics and dietetics.
  3. Soluble as well as insoluble fiber in this tuber mount up to the majority of food by retaining humidity in the intestine.
    In the stores, purchase tubers with a smooth surface as they present less difficulty in the groundwork. Wash the tubers completely in cold water with a gentle scrub.
  4. The root artichokes are saturated in iron content, and cut ends turn brown soon upon exposure to air, as in apples. Jerusalem artichokes are one among the very flexible vegetables.
  5. The tubers may be used in various ways in cooking. Fine julienned tuber can be an excellent addition to salads or slaws. Deep fry its thin slices in vegetable oil to make chips.

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