17 Science-Backed Health Benefits of Basil/Tulsi

Why we need to know the health benefits of basil/Tulsi leaves? Why is this herbal and medicinal plant used widely in India? To know about the outstanding benefits of this herb, you need to follow the post.

Basil is also known has Tulsi in India, this plant provides great nutritional values. The plant has been referred as holy plant by Hindus in India. The attachment people have in India about this plant tends to be due to the medical values it has provided to people since ages. Every ritual performed in India has these Basil leafs kept for Puja before the god or goddesses.

This is one sacred herb used in India and Hinduism has its own story about why it’s considered as scared plant. Every home in India has this plant grown in the front open space.  Due to the healing properties of Holy Basil, the plant has become widespread in the west. The queen of herbs is much-admired to connect mind, sprit and body. Scientifically it’s called as Ocimum Tenuiflorum, which belongs to mint family. Why has Ayurveda used tulsi? It’s because it roots, seeds and leaves provide medical values and has been used in many ayurvedic products. In India the most used ones are Vana, krishna and Rama Tulsi.



Tulsi the plant of Vishnu is used in purification of atmosphere, this the reason why every morning men and women offer prays to this plant. If you visit any Hindi temples, you can see the tulsi water is given to devote as holy water. It’s because it removes all the negative thoughts and provides healthy energetic positive thoughts. Tusli water can combat common cold, heat diseases and many more chronic disorders. It is considered as Elixir of life, which means to help increase the longevity of humans. The holy basli is a adapt genic, antibacterial and antioxidant that and fight any disease and hence considered as the goddess in India.



Health Benefits of Basil/Tulsi:


1. Complete Cancer Treatment:

Basil leaves have medical properties in curing cancer; it can cure any kind of cancer. The leaves can be chewed directly or you add the leaves in a glass of water overnight and drink in the morning with empty stomach.  Basil leaves can treat mesothelioma cancer, stomach cancer, liver cancer etc.. Always have this habit of eating 3-5 leaves after having your shower and moving out from home. It is a proactive cancer treatment.


2. Common Cold and Cough Treatment:

If you have a stuffy nose and cough, then try out eating few Basil leaves in the mornings. Do this for 3-4 days and you can free the stuffy nose and cough. Tulsi is best remedy for persistent cough; you can either take the capsules of drink tulsi water.


3. Kidney Stone Treatment:

Tulsi is considered to remove the stones in kidney; if you have developed a habit of eating it regularly then you can prevent the formation of kidney stones. Tulsi’s will completely reduce the uric acid levels as it is a detoxifying agent. Tulsi can remove any kind of stones, calcium oxalate stones, urine kidney stones and cat kidney stones


4. Best Healing Agent:

If you have a wound or cut, you can apply the tulsi juice, as the leaves contains antiseptic properties it can quickly heal the wound. It can reduce the pain caused by burns, chicken pox and measles.


5. Heart Diseases Treatment:

Tulsi has proven to work in treating pathophysiology congestive heart failure, the best part of eating the basil leaf is that it can quickly reduce the blood cholesterol levels, which further helps in healthy heart. So, it ensures there is no blood pressure. The anti-oxidants and vitamin -c helps to provide complete healthy heart.


6. Cures Respiratory Problem:

Basil can treat diseases such as copd, emphysema, chronic bronchitis and many more common pulmonary diseases. It removes mucous from the respiratory track. Add few tulsi leaves in boiling water and drink it every day cure respiratory problems.


7. Diabetes Treatment:

Ensure that Basil is taken in form every day to lower the sugar levels in blood. It has worked for millions of Diabetes patients; they have come to normal sugar levels after eating Basil every day.


8. Best Herb for Weight Loss:

Most of us might have tried many weight loss programs, but this weight loss herb can provide a healthy weight loss with no investment. Yes, eating basil leafs every day can help reduce weight as it removes the excess fat.


9. Best Gum Disorder Treatment:

Basil works as treatment for gum disease. Today people experience swollen gums, bleeding gums and periodontal gum, for all this the best treatment is using Basli. One can dry the leaves and make it powder to brush teeth to cure any kind of Gum Disorder.


10. Ways To Quit Smoking:

How can I quit smoking? I am a chain smoker for years and have many lung disorders? If this is the case then keep few basil leaves, when you feel like having a cigarette take a leaf and chew it. It completely removes the urgency for smoking.


11. Relieve Depression And Anxiety:

Tusli will relieve from anxiety and depression, as it helps the nervous systems to calm down. Drink tulsi water every day to feel happy and joyful.


12. Insect Bite Best Treatment:

If you see redness around mosquito bite, apply the tulsi extract and will cure immediately. Tulsi also works in insect bite allergy treatment.


13. Best Treatment For Ringworms:

Yes, as Basil contains antifungal and bacterial properties, it can treat ringworms in stomach. If kids for some reason have this problem, give those few leaves daily to get rid of ringworms.


14. Skin Benefits:

Most beauty products today often use tulsi in the products. It’s because it has quality of skin healing features; helps in prevention of acne, pimples, scars, marks, blackheads and inflammation. When there are so many benefits why can’t you apply the tulsi juice to the skin directly?


15. Vitiligo Treatment:

Vitiligo is a skin disease where white patches are formed all over body. The cases have been increasing in recent past. The reason for getting Vitiligo is simple that people tend to eat many combinations of foods which are not good. For example milk and curd, meat and curd, mix of various fruits, this indirectly causes Vitiligo. If you want to cure Vitiligo in few months, then keep eating the Basil leaves daily.


16. Prevention Of Hair Loss And Dandruff:

This is an unknown truth, but in reality, Basil leaves helps regrowth of hair and permanently cures dandruff. Try it for one month and find the difference. Make a paste of basil leaves and add it to the coconut oil, mix it well and apply on the head. Wait for at least 1 hour before it is dried.


17. White Hair And Grey Hair Treatment:

At the age of 25, men are already having white hair, beard. The reason is unknown, but the white hair cases at small ages have increased. The best way to treat this is to apply Tulsi powder and amal powder while taking shower.

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