Guava Health Benefits: Juice, Seeds, Leaves

Have you ever wondered what exactly the guava fruit can offer you and the amazing health benefits it can provide you? Guava can be found all through the year and ever season, it can grow in any climate. Guava is our friend and it should be included in our daily diet, because it provides awe-inspiring benefits for our health, skin and hair.

Amrood is the name called in Hindi. It has different names in various regions on India. The fruit that is available everywhere and anytime is eaten less, just because it is hard and contains seeds.

If you really know the benefits of guava, you will start eating it right away! Guava fruit contains vitamin A, Vitamin C, Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, potassium, magnesium and many more, which is better than the apple. It is called poor man’s apple because its cost is very less. Even scientists have confirmed that Guava contains more nutrition’s than Apple.

Guava contains keratinocytes which are antioxidants are plentiful. This provides natural anti-viral, antibiotic, antifungal characters. Eating 2 fruits every day can cure various infections. Even the cancer cells will be killed, free radicals will be reduced. The guava extract are mostly used in cancer medicines. Even painkiller pills use the guava extract.

Guava can remove the sugar levels in blood, hence called as the best fruit for diabetes patients. It can also remove bad cholesterol and replace with good cholesterol, thus it can help in reducing weight.

If you also have any stomach issues, like gastric, acidity and constipation, eating a guava can remove all this disorders.

Guava contains plenty of medicinal benefits for hair, skin and complete body, as the fruits ripeness that vitamins and minerals increase. The juice of the fruit is very refreshing and people also love drinking the juice. In India people use this as an ingredient in cooking various dishes.

Benefits Of Guava For Health:

Improves Eye sight:

Most of the eye doctors know the benefits of guava for eyes. But, they might not tell you. Guava has always been a perfect fruit to increase eye health. If you are really a health conscious person then go on eating a carrot and guava every day.

Enhances fertility:

Fertility issues are among the top issues in the world today, mainly women are serious concerned about this issue. Eating a guava fruit every day will help promote fertility in both men and women. The main reason for this is because guava contains mineral folates which slowly increase the fertility hormones in men and women.

High in Vitamin C:

Normally, vitamin c helps rejuvenate cells in the body. Eating guava helps reduce cancerous damaged cells and replace them with normal once.

Guava health benefits Diabetes:

How can guava help diabetic patients? This fruit contains huge source of fiber, which helps in lowering sugar levels, cure constipation and also help reduce gastric and digestion issues.

Great Source of Manganese:

Manganese helps in best utilization of nutrients in food. Thus, eating guava can help in taking the proper nutrients from the food.

Reduces Blood Pressure:

Every one today have spike in blood levels, be it men, women or kids everyone are under pressure. So instead of taking the deadly pills, you can effortlessly eat a guava to increase the potassium levels and standardize blood pressure levels.

Helps Enhance Thyroid Gland:

The number of Thyroid cases has increased in recent past, just due to change in food and lifestyle. In order to combat this issues, it better it eat a guava that contains copper. Copper has the ability to keep the thyroid gland working at top notch.

Guava Weight loss:


How can guava help in weight loss? The basic concept here is that guava reduces the sugar absorption in blood. Hence, it increase insulin levels and helps reduce weight. As it also contains more potassium which also helps reduce weight and increase muscle mass.

Best for Muscles and Nerves:


Best for Muscles and Nerves:


Guava is the best fruit to eat after a heavy work out or exercise. As it contains magnesium, it can help relax the nervous system and also muscles. Gym going guys can add this to their diet.


Removes Negative Thoughts:

As guava contains Vitamin B3 and B5, which helps in relaxing the nervous system of the body. This helps in decreasing the pressure and stress.

Fat Burner:

We humans can’t control eating process foods, hence after eating a good process dish, eat a guava. This helps in burning the fat.

Helps reduce Cholesterol:


Cholesterol is basically bad fat, when it increases in the body, it lead to heart problems. What guava does is to reduce the bad fat and replace it with saturated fats, where the cholesterol now becomes healthy.


Fiber Rich Fruit:


As guava contains more of fiber, it helps in removing the fat secreted in the body. Which gradually helps in reducing weight. Fiber as said of many researchers helps in over digestion of food and keep stomach healthy.


Guava is Antibacterial:

It can kick out any bacteria present in food or bacteria attached due to flu. Mainly, children who can eat a guava can quickly get rid of any kind of fever.

Cancer treatment:


Guava is filled with lycopene which can reduce the formation of cancer cells. We are hearing about many cancer issues and patients who are unable to get better treatment. Having a guava daily can prevent cancer formation.


Stomach Issues:

Every one today fall sick due to over eating or food poisoning. At times drink a guava juice to help recover from diarrhea. Take a juice in the morning to push the stools freely.

Best for Mouth ulcers:

If you have toothaches or gum related issues, drinking guava juice without adding sugar can help cure any kind of toothaches.

Flu Treatment:


Flu is natural and mainly due to climatic changes we get different flu attached. As Guava contains vitamin c, it helps in fighting any kind of flu. Vitamin c increased the immune system and hence when immune system is working well the flu will be out of the body.


Quickens Blood Circulation:

The actually point here is, guava can reduce the high sodium levels in blood, if the is excessive sodium, then the blood pressure increases and lead to heart issues. Hence, eating guava can stabilize blood pressure and improves the circulation.


Mainly, Guava fights dengue fever, this fever if neglected can be dangerous. So a patient suffering from this disease can take 2-3 glasses of guava juice every day.


Benefits Of Guava For Skin

Has said above in the article, Guava is best skincare fruit, it contains carotene which is highly essential element to treat any kind of skin diseases. Most of the skin care manufactures use the guava pulp in preparing the lotions and gels that are applied on face and body. Below are the best benefits of Guava for skin:

Improves Face Appearance:

One can prepare a Guava scrub with just guava flesh and egg yolk. Mix them and apply on face. This process helps in embellishing the skin and removes dead cells. Normally, dead cells are formed on every ones face, but normal soaps can’t remove them in effective way. Using Guava scrub can remove the dead cells in 20 minutes.

Apply this pack 2 times in a week. For women this would really help in getting a glowing skin.

Removes Wrinkles and fine lines:

Guava is rich source various vitamins, that helps in preventing the formation of wrinkles and fine lines. As you get older, women are prone to have wrinkles, make it a habit of eating guava along with the food.

Provides Skin Hydration:

I have seen teenage girls who don’t even drink 2-3 glasses of water a day. Mainly, women and men working in offices never look to drink water. Though, science has told us to drink at least 4 liters of water a day, we are just drinking 1 liter.

In summer, people faint on roads, just because the body doesn’t have enough water. For those people, eating guava can help keep their body hydrated.

Protection from UV rays:

In humid and equatorial regions there is lot if UV rays, which can damage the skin. In such places people should either eat more guava fruits as it contains lycopene which is an antioxidant.

Daily Skin Problems:

Eating a guava can prevent spider veins, improves blood coagulation, prevents dark circles, acne and provides firmness of skin.

Tightens the loosened skin:


Not just wrinkles, but also helps in providing the elasticity of skin and removing pimples and acne. Acne is the most searched topic online, women can quickly get rid of acne with a single guava. The skin texture would be brightened making your face look more beautiful.


Treating Dark Spots:

Dark sports have become common, due the huge of cosmetic products and women keep changing them every week to look more beautiful, which indirectly are causing dark spots and acne.

Take handful of guava leaves and prepare a paste. Apply the paste on face, do this every week to see how quickly you will get rid of dark spots.


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