What Causes Pressure On Eyes?

How many of you have healthy eyes? Watching TV, computers, laptops, smart phones for hours has become and unknown habits of many. This has put our eyes under pressure and has negative impact on eye health. Below are tips that can help you learn how to have good eye health.

Working on computers and laptops:

All most every one has a computer and you really don’t how much it affects watching the monitor for hours. Basically, one needs to maintain a 50 cm to 60cm distance from monitor to eye. This way most of the eye problems can be avoided.

Youth has been addicted to watching computers, they play games for hours. IT employees sit for almost 6 hours to take a break. Not only this, but also watching videos, movies for hours, when you sit for hours watching the computer screen the eye falls under huge pressure and you can get headaches, dry eyes, vision problems.

It’s a good habit to keep your eyes away from the screen every 15 minutes, watch an object that is far away, do this every 15 minutes.

When eyes are under stress, you see tears falling, this is an indication from eyes that they are dry. Try to blink the eyes every 5 minutes. This reduces the stress.

Every day one needs to rotate the eyes clockwise and anticlock wise, do this 10 times. Then you can massage the eyes gently. This will keep eyes safe.

You can use many google or Firefox extensions for eye health. such extension are Praxis Eye Health, eye care protect your vision and green eye.

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