What Are The Reasons For Continuous Hiccups?

We will have a muscle named as a diaphragm, located between the chest and stomach. Diaphragm actually helps in respiration.

Diaphragm French contraction, when the diaphragm contraction happens more, we get hiccups.

There are many reasons for hiccups, sometime they just start a sudden. Normally, when we get hiccups, we drink water or turn our attention to sometime else.

Some time hiccups all day on and off comes when we have fungal attacks, when there is heart attack, when there are ulcers in the stomach, if there is any infection around the diaphragm, liver disease, kidney disease.

When we experience hiccups every day, then once should consult the doctor and have ECG test, blood test, kidney and liver function test.

Intractable hiccups are hiccups you get every day, which can best treated in 90 percent of people.

In people with high blood pressure the amount of sodium will be reduced when the take medication to reduce salt. In such people its seen to get hiccups.

If you are receiving non stop hiccups then you should consult a doctor and look to see the exact cause.

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