Preventing Auto Immune Disorder

An autoimmune disorder is a deficiency that happens when the body immune system without protecting the body, the immune system itself get reversed in the body.

The autoimmune disorder has no cause, according to modern medicine. It doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have medicine, but doctors don’t know why the immune system that is there to protect the body, works another way in damaging the body.

People with stress, pressure, tension, relationship problems always have their thoughts replicated into the body. Patients suffering from autoimmune disorder have deep mental stress.

Research shows that autoimmune disorder is mostly seen in women, because they maintain a family, have a lot of stress, relationship problems and women are emotional. Women don’t even share their issues with anyone. Not only autoimmune disorder, but most women also suffer from thyroid.

Preventing Auto Immune Disorder:

  • Positive mind
  • Take out pressure
  • Healthy relationships
  • Chakra healing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Energy healing
  • Daily exercise
  • Sun bath

Cause of Autoimmune Disease:


Auto Immune disorder is a primary disease because we are living in a toxic world, Basically, one needs to understand the physiology of the immune system, immune cells are circulated through your blood and they are everywhere around the body. The immune cells are called T cells or white blood cells, which move around the body to kill anything they found working against the body.

Every human being has TH1 and TH2 cells, which first against bacteria and virus entering the body.

TH1 cells respond very quickly, as soon as something bad enters the body, it immediately starts fighting the virus and once killed, it will go back to normal position. This is the reason we say that every human body should have a balance immune system. You have a pathogenic and body fires a TH1.

In case the TH1 can’t fight with the virus infected the body, it fights for 24 hours and then the body will generate TH2 cells, that produce antibodies.

The autoimmune disorder is a process where my body is attacking my own tissue. Hyer TH1 and Hyper TH2 have destroyed your own cells.
There are some biotoxins, produced by nasty bacteria and virus which have the ability to enter the cells. The virus has the ability to replicate and destroy the cells. This is called an autoimmune disorder.

The autoimmune disorder is mostly caused by H pylori bacterial infection. Where they enter the cells and hide, so the TH1 or TH2 cells are unable to find them. Now the H Pyloria starts reproducing and entering each cell and the immune system can’t find it. When this happens, people are diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder.

Your immune system TH1 or TH2 is unable to find the pathogens, it can create antibodies against the tissues.

Many people have Autoimmune disease and they don’t even know. Many arthritis diseases are the autoimmune disease.

Important Point About Autoimmune Disorder:

The cause of Autoimmune disease is through entry of heavy metals, plastic, chemicals, fertilizers, and what not. Today all the food items are chemically made. Take the room freshers, Air condition, carpets everything is made of new metal or plastic that involves chemicals, we do breath the chemicals and have the new kind of chemical enter the body, which is new for the TH1 and TH2 cells to fight against.

The liver has to detoxin the new chemicals, if the liver can’t do that, then body prepares a toxin storage place where they are stored in fat cells.

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