Prevent Heart Attack By Reducing These 2 Things

If you hear the world heart attack, it can scare you, it can cause panic in few. But, still people around the world don’t avoid food that can prevent heart attacks. It’s been since age’s research has shown, what healthy food is, but if am true people reading this article are also conscious in knowing the 2 things that acts as a proactive measure in reducing heart problems.

Well, if you have asked yourself a question, then probably you would never get any heart issues, if you see your grandparents who have lived for over 100 years; you would get an idea about how strong they were. It’s just because they had a strong heart. How was this possible? And why not today’s generation with just great technology are running to hospitals for regular checkups spending $$$.

There is nothing much to discuss, everything is in the food you eat. What you eat is what makes you. I have seen a few communities of people who earn a lot, but still pay for medication to prevent heart attacks. Why are we not changing? I also think in another 10 years, they number of heart related cases will increase. Don’t blame anyone for this.

Prevent Heart Attack By Reducing These 2 Things:

Ok, now let’s see what are the two things that we need to avoid or reduce in our daily foods to prevent heart attacks, a group of scientists have examined few kids, what they did was to examine the never speed, blood circulation and blood flow between different organs. A group of children had really low blood flow and few had no proper flow to few organs. The other group of kids has very good and healthy heart.

Why was this happening, so they took survey and examined again to find the children with unhealthy eating habits had issues with blood flow. The main 2 culprits here were salt and sugar, yes, when they took the survey of the first group of kids with unhealthy heart; they saw the children eat more of processed food which contained more of salt and sugar.

The experiment concluded that eating more salt and sugar will definitely cause many health problems, what they further saw was the arteries were getting harder by consuming more of salt and sugar. So, what did you learn from this?

This was suggested long ago from many researches, to stop reducing the intake of sugar and salt. They are required to some extent but taking more quantities can ruin the heartbeat.

So, my suggestion is to first avoid processed food, packed foods, fried items. These foods have more of salt and chemical compounds to increase the taste. Make it a bit of eating more natural foods, which are cooked using water and less of oil. Along with the daily food, make it a habit of eating more raw veg’s like beets, carrot, boiled spinach, radish, legumes etc. There will for sure help you stay healthy.

Even sugar has the same affect when eaten in more quantities. Try having more of jaggery, which is best and natural alternative to Sugar. Stop the candy items. I have stopped sugar for more than 5 years now, even my kids have more of jaggery sweets. When you feel like eating sweets, give kids fruits, keep then ready at home.

Updated: May 8, 2017 — 3:26 pm
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