Jab To Lower Cholesterol And Help Prevent Heart Disease

Researchers at Medical University of Vienna are experimenting a Jab to lower cholesterol to help prevent heart disease.

How does the jab work? The Jab is Intended in such a way to attack a protein produced by the immune system, which is called a PCSK9, this PCSK9 actually increases the bad cholesterol levels in the blood. Now, the Jab actually stops producing PCSK9 protein, which ensures there is no more bad cholesterol and when there is no bad cholesterol, it lessens the chances of having a heart attack.

The Jab will attack the fatty deposits in the clogged arteries, which will make sure to cut the risk of strokes, heart attacks and angina.

The researchers have said that the test would be conducted on 72 volunteers, though it may take many more years for the conclusion, they are ensuring that the experiment would not have any side effect to humans.


Currently, the research team has experimented this on Mice and has found that over 50% of LDL Cholesterol levels were reduced in 12 months. They are waiting to do the same on 72 volunteers by the end of this year 2017.


About Cholesterol:

Eating too much of junk food, alcohol, processed and friend food causes bad cholesterol which in scientific term called LDL cholesterol, when this increase it forms fatty deposits over the arteries which reduces the blood flow to heart and sometimes blocks the arteries, the LDL is the main cause of cardiovascular diseases.



In few people there is familial hypercholesterolaemia, where the formation of cholesterol is inherited from patents. This is another matter, if the JAB experiment is successful, even these people be saved from heart disorders.


The good cholesterol can only be increased when we have proper diet, like eating most vegetables in raw form. Get used to eating beets, radish, cucumber, carrots and nuts. Fiber rich sprouts are always the better way to start your morning. Boil few, add pepper and go for workouts.


What Pills Are Good To Reduce Cholesterol?


For now most of them are using statins, which works great in reducing the bad cholesterol levels, thought they are effective, the pills can’t work for everyone, some people forget taking the pills, thinking they are healthy.


So Prof Sir Nilesh Samani says that, it’s good find new ways to cut cholesterol levels”. We can only find out after year 2017 if the Jab will work in the same way it worked on Mice without any side effects.

Updated: Jun 20, 2017 — 2:23 pm
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