How To Reduce Belly (Abdominal) Fat Fast

I have taken plenty of pills and followed many diet plans to reduce belly fat, but none really worked? This is the questions coming from people worldwide. I have seen even women trying many diet plans, home remedies but with no results.

Belly, tummy or abdominal fat are considered to be the worst fat secretions that later can lead to many diseases. Especially, it will lead to coronary disease.

Causes Of Belly Fat:

This answer may differ from one person to another, but the basic ones would always be:

No Exercise:

No exercise here means, not even moving the body. I see people walking very less these days. They have transport to carry them anywhere. If you take for example people working lifestyle, almost 70% of them work before computers and all of them have to work for at least 8 hours a day. They don’t get up from the chairs unless for natural calls. When there is no movement of the body for this many hours the fat secretion increases and along with it the cholesterol levels increases.

Not Eating At Right Time:

We miss all the right schedules to eat the breakfast, lunch and dinner. Proper timing can take care of digestion and help manage weight.

Eating too much at nights:

Off Course! It has been a great change in everyone’s lifestyle. We come home from office and have a carving to eat the food we love. We eat extra amount and sleep right away. This is really harmful for the body and people eating at late nights have really huge belly developing very soon.


Drinking alcohol is very often related to other diseases and almost people with alcoholic additions have seen to develop belly fat very soon.

So, for these people I have provided few best foods to eat and reduce weight fast.

How To Reduce Belly (Abdominal) Fat Fast:

Horse Gram to Reduce Belly Fat Fast:

Horse Gram to Reduce Belly Fat Fast

Take 50 Gms of Horse Gram, boil them for 15 minutes, Now add small chopped onions and rock salt for taste. Eat this every day in the mornings or evenings to Reduce Belly Fat Fast.

Dry Grapes:

Dry Grapes

Keep eating dry grapes throughout the day. Just chew a dry grape every 10 minutes. Fill them in your pocket and no matter where you are keep them chewing to see how fast it helps reduce belly fat.

Rice Starch Liquid To Reduce Belly Fat Fast:

Rice Starch Liquid To Reduce Belly Fat Fast

This is the oldest and best way to reduce belly fat fast. The Rice starch is prepared in counties like India, Japan, china mostly Asian counties eat more rice and they know the benefits of rice starch. Starch is a liquid that is filtered after cooking the rice. You can add a pinch of salt and drink the rice starch to reduce belly fat fast.

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