How To Get A Good Night Sleep?

Most of the complaints from today’s generation are not having enough sleep, the tips below will help you have a good sleep every day.

Every day you may hear your colleagues or family members saying,”I didn’t have enough sleep last night”.

What happens when a person doesn’t have enough sleep?


In the early ages, when you don’t have enough sleep, you may not have any health issues,but as you grow older you will face fewer. I have seen this happen with people working in night shifts. At the beginning of their career they start working in night shifts and this becomes their daily habit of keeping awake at nights.

Many of the IT employees works for night shifts, the shifts also varies, they are working for different countries shifts, like USA, UK,Canada, Australia and so this this process they totally habituate their body to sleep in the mornings and keep awake at nights.

The problems that you face as nocturnal:

Heart problems
Weight gain
Memory loss

According to research in India, it is said that almost 93 percentage of people are not having adequate sleep. In this 93 percent of people only 2 percent of people are approaching doctors.

Maintain exact time to sleep:

As we take food every day at the same time, we should also sleep at the same time. If you keep a particular time to sleep, I mean every day at 9PM, then make sure you sleep at 9PM every day.

Time to Sleep:

You all might have read about nocturnal and diurnal, we humans are diurnal, which means morning are there to work and nights are there to sleep. Few animals and birds are nocturnal, which means they work at night and sleep during the day. You can see the best example is OWL, it stays all night awake and sleeps during the day.
So we humans should make a habit as soon as the sun sets, but due to new lifestyle we should at least sleep by 10pm.

Food for good sleep:

The food taken at should be a balanced one,don’t eat too much or too little. Eat before 2 hours of sleep. The food gets digested and then you will have a good sleep.

Food to take:

No tea or coffee at night and even citrus fruits are not advised to take for dinner.

You can take warm milk before sleep, as milk contains tryptophan, which stimulates sleep in humans.


The best medicine for sleep is always exercise. Yes, morning exercise will help in sleeping well. But by any chance never exercise during nights.

Your sleeping Room:

Make sure to keep it dark and avoid smartphones or laptops.

Note for human Nocturnals:

According to my research I have seen youth has got addicted to smartphones, laptops and apps like Facebook and Twitter. Other then night shifts these are other addictions which are making people sleep less. A recent article that I have studied says that after the sunset there is a hormone that gets activated in all humans. The hormone only gets stimulated to darkness and it travels all night until sunrise. This hormone actually helps in keeping us away from many deadly diseases we all are hearing about today.

If you are sleeping with lights powered ON, then for sure the our body doesn’t produce the hormone as it thinks it is still daylight. Make sure to sleep with all lights off in the bedroom. People working in night shifts may not have health issues in the beginning, but as they work for 4 to 5 years they will gradually come with few. It can start with digestion, gas problems, depression and many more.

Watching the laptop or smartphone screens can affect your eyes. The other health problems people with less sleep are experiencing is spondylitis. Which stops the blood flow to the brain, as you are sitting all night before computer and will only lay down after 8 hours of work.

Updated: Dec 25, 2016 — 2:40 pm
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