Hand Tremors: Causes And Treatment Using Natural Ways

Follow the steps in order to get rid of hand tremors which are caused by neurological disorder. Shaking of hands and trembling is the first sign that you have tremors.

The hand tremor is not so life frightening. But, when trying to do any work, it makes tasks very difficult. Like holding a glass of water or smoking, the hands seem to shake.


Most adults experience essential tremor, which is a common neurological disorder. It can be caused by malfunction of brain, but this is still not understood the exact reason.

When you try to use a muscle, you may experience tremors. There can be shacking of hands, arms or even head. Tremors can be caused due to thyroid, anxiety, medical side effects, and low blood sugar.

Hand Tremors Causes And Treatment With Natural Ways

Frankly, there is no exact cure for tremors; the doctors can determine the treatment with the cause. It has been found that in some adults, tremors are caused by alcohol addition, are too much of coffee, so these should be removed from your diet. In case if you feel that the tremors are caused by medication side-effects, then consult the doctor. You can sense this after taking medication, in few days you will find shacking of hands.

It is seen that, if tremors accord in early stages, it can become worsen in later stages of life. Use specially designed utensils, gripping and controlling pens and pencils, you must seek out items designed with grip and control, the extra weight on your arm may make control easier.

Cause of Hand tremors:

Hand tremor can be cause by magnesium deficiency, magnesium can be increased with one are more healthy diet supplementary.
Personally, I have seen this issue in people consuming alcohol, tobacco and smoking. Addiction to any of these 3 items can cause hand tremors.

Treatment of Hand tremors:


Simple ways to get Rid of Hand tremors:

  1. Deep breathing exercise: deep breathing exercise, meditation and yoga on daily basis can help get rid of hand tremors in few months.
  2. Stress ball: use a stress ball when you feel nervous
  3. Drink adequate water; add a pinch of sea salt
  4. Good sleep for 8 hours
  5. Food rich in B vitamin: like eggs, beans, milk, peans
  6. Walnuts are also good in reducing the hand tremors
  7. Use flex seeds and pumpkin seed oils
  8. Eat fish which is good source of omega 3 fatty acids

Herbs That Can Reduce Hand Tremors:

  • Lavender oil and lavender tea strengths the never system
  • Skullcap contains chemical scutellaria, calming the nerves and over tensed muscles, reduces anxiety, stress, and tension.
    Sesame seeds
  • Blackstrap molasses is a way to get vitamins into the body in a natural way, contains magnesium, take one to two table spoons every day. It can also be mixed with milk.
  • Lemon balm: provides immediate relief to nerves system. Calms the brain cell activity
  • Chamomile tea, relaxing muscle spasms, scamps,
    Valerian root has been used since olden times for hand tremors, helps in calming tensed muscles. Relaxes scrams and muscles. It is available in tonic, powered, and capsules.
  • Gotu kola is a chines medicine to treat hand termers, rejuvenating whole system.
  • While taking bath, add Epsom salt to the warm water and let it soak at least 20 minutes before you take the shower.

Thinks to avoid overcoming hand tremors:

You must try to replace light weight objects with heavy objects.
Avoid artificial sweeteners: ice-creams, junk food, juices,
Neurotoxins in food
Ice creams, diet drinks, brands of sugar for yogurt,
Avoid processed foods
Quit alcohol
Smoking and tobacco

Note: Use any one of the herbal medicine after consulting the doctor. The natural ways like breathing exercises can relax your muscles.

If am right, 90 percent of people experiencing hand tremors are daily alcoholic. First thing is to reduce the alcohol consumption.

Updated: May 31, 2017 — 11:10 am

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