Diesel Pollution Causing Heart Attacks

A recent study has revealed that the risk of heart failure with air pollution, mainly gas coming out from diesel vehicles. This air pollution has increased the risk of cardiovascular diseases in many countries. The queen Mary University and London researches have warned the speculator matter PM, which is emitted from diesel vehicles that will cause heart attacks and heart failures.

Every day the number of heart cases has increased and every day there is a new research showing the causes. Most of the researches have soon the causes of heart diseases. Though, we have discovered new techniques, but the ones really can’t stop from any health problems. They are used to detect what is happening in the body.

Majority of metro cities in the world have been diagnosed with millions of people with heart attacks. The reasons have been simple, but people are losing their lives. People in metro cities should follow healthy lifestyle, else they can quickly have health issues and the major of this is the heart diseases.

Updated: May 27, 2017 — 3:16 pm
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