Artificial Sucrose Increase Heart Risk

Do you know the different between artificial and natural Sucrose? How can artificial sucrose increase heart risk? If you take a look at today’s food products, all food contains artificial sucrose. From morning breakfast to dinner, all that we consume today is packed and processed food.

How Artificial Sucrose Increase Heart Risk:

Eating burgers, fast food, pizza, bread, bakery items, sweets all these items are made tasty by using artificial sweeteners. Even, the dairy product like milk, yogurt are preserved using chemicals and sweet syrups.

The sweeteners may not show a direct effect but gradually will lead to heart risk. coronary artery disease was the major problem found in those that consume more sweetener related foods. The research also showed that organic food really didn’t have any affect on humans.

People eating organic food like, green leaves, vegetables, fruits, home cooked food, grains, dry fruits etc.. those who have been eating good organic food didn’t have any kind of diabetes or heart diseases.

Updated: Mar 28, 2017 — 11:05 am
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