Alzheimer’s Disease Increased To 55% In The USA

The centers of disease control and prevents have collected data to prove that in the USA the number of death cases due to Alzheimer’s have increased to 55% from the last 15 years.

Since 2009 to 2014 the number of deaths has increased at home, the neurodegenerative diseases have shown a raise from 14% to 25% all through these years.

The reports also show that the caregivers who are taking care of Alzheimer patients should be supported and given proper education and case management services. Most of the patients are taken care by friends and family, hence the requirement for education is highly compulsory.

The Alzheimer’s disease has affected most of population in America. As older ones are suffering from Alzheimer disorder, the family members are the ones who needs to take care of them, so the caregiver tasks is not only to manage them in physical aspects, they also need to help them emotionally.

This disorder causes, impaired language, dementia, memory loss, difficult to focus and many behavioral disorders.

The Alzheimer’s association as confirmed that people at the age of 65 are prone to suffer from Alzheimer disease and it’s the 6th primary reason for deaths in US. The reports have also shown that over 16 million cases of Alzheimer cases will be registered by 2050, which is really shocking.

The mortality report published shows that over death rate due to Alzheimer have rose from 16 percent to 25 percent from 1999 to 2014. Even the death certificates were analyzed to prove that Alzheimer’s disease is the primary reason for most of the deaths in US.

Alzheimer’s disease was mostly seen in reasons such as west coast, southeast and Midwest. Results show that as the number of older population has increased in USA the number of deaths with these diseases has increased. When the older people live longer they have more chances of decreasing the diseases. .

Care and support provided from the family members can reduce the disease quickly, hence proper support and education is must. As it’s told since long there is no exact medicine for Alzheimer’s disease. Hence, a physician should be consulted when they have any symptoms.

Updated: May 27, 2017 — 2:45 pm
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