9 Food To Avoid In Rainy Season To Be healthy

Follow the 9 Food To Avoid In Rainy Season To Be healthy, India is a country which has four seasons, but almost everyone since past having been very conscious about foods that should be avoided according to seasons, here, let’s talk about Rainy season and what foods can cause you ill health.


Healthy food in rainy season is very important, know what fruits, vegetables, snacks are good to consume in monsoon season.

Rainy season food for kids is also an important point to note. As kids get a cough, cold and fever during rainy season. As the seasons keep changing we need to change our food habits.

In rainy season, kids should avoid eating ice creams, cold drinks, and fridge water. Few parents who don’t take proper care have also had pneumonia cases. Pneumonia is caused when kids take cold items in winter or rainy season. Make sure to give then warm water and keep hot food.

All countries have different season and one should be cautious about what food is available during that season. Below is list of food items that need to be avoided during the rainy season.

9 Food To Avoid In Rainy Season To Be Healthy


  1. Avoid drinking Juice, lassi, curd, sugar cane juices
  2. Avoid Potatoes, sprouts, nuts, lentils as these cause indigestion
  3. Avoid eating Pani puri, samosa: now Pani puri so-called chat has been another addictive food in India. Samosas may be hard to avoid but stay away just for the rainy season.
  4. Avoid Burgers, fries, pickles, chutneys: Burger is full of cheese, which is rich in fat, fries are totally boiled in oil and have malasa, Pickles and chutneys are filled with salts, all these items are very tasty but make the digestion too long.
  5. While cooking food, it’s better to use olive or corn oil rather than Mustard, sesame oil
  6. Avoid eating raw food and green leaf’s as most of the time, the bacteria and microorganisms look to stay and grow on the green leaves.
  7. Avoid eating watermelons and cucumber
  8. Avoid eating unseasonable fruits, as in India we get to see fruits which are sold in all seasons, know exactly which fruit is suitable for a particular season.
  9. Finally, stop eating seafood and eggs; this is the perfect time for fishes and prawns to breed, so when you try to consume this seafood you can have serious stomach issues.

Healthy eating habits differ from season to season, following the above said food items can keep you fit.

Updated: Dec 5, 2016 — 8:19 am
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