10 Effective Ways To Cure Constipation – Adults & Toddlers

Constipation is functional disorder that requires laxative treatment to cure constipation, follow the medicinal and natural remedies to relive constipation in adults and toddlers.

The post discusses the causes and symptoms of constipation and lists various home remedies to cure constipation at home naturally. Do you suffer from hard bowels, bowel evacuations and compressed and hard to pass? There are chances that you might be suffering from severe constipation.

Everything in the human body is transferring you the signal it is time to passage your bowels, but nothing moving. You feel bloated and unhappy, but whenever you try to go, nothing happens.

Causes Of Adenomyosis:

Stress, insufficient exercise, specific drugs, sugar substitute as well as a diet that is lacking fiber or fluids may each be the perpetrator.

Specific health conditions, such as an underactive thyroid, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes mellitus and cancer, also may cause constipation.

Constipation is a problem, though it isn’t an illness. It’s just what happens when bowel evacuations are delayed, compressed and hard to pass. A lot of people erroneously believe they must possess a certain number of bowel evacuations each day or a week or else they may be constipated.

That could not be more from the truth, though it a typical misconception. What constitutes Normal is personal and may vary from 3 bowel movements each day to 3 a week. You will know if you are constipated because you will be straining a lot in the bath room, you will produce unusually hard feces, and you will feel gassy and bloated.

It’s not a wise idea to use laxatives as the first line of attack when you are constipated. They could become habit forming to the stage they damage your colon. Some laxatives inhibit the potency of medicines you happen to be taking, and you will find laxatives that cause irritation to the lining of the intestine.

Home Remedies For Constipation Adults:

Stress: Adults today are in depression when handling daily work routines, mostly women fall in the stress and depression criteria. A constipation symptom starts with mental illness, so make sure you handle pressure in an easy way.

In order to reduce stress there are few herbal remedies, try having at least one of the herbal remedy once a day to reduce stress and initiate bowel movement. Take a note of these herbal teas: Green tea, lavender tea, chamomile tea are some of the best ones to reduce stress and increase laxative agents.

Aloe vera Juice: Drink the aloe vera juice once a day to know how effective it could help in constipation treatment for adults.

Fenugreek and slippery elm: how to cure constipation fast? Use fenugreek seeds to cure constipation fast, add few fenugreek seeds in a cup of water and leave it the whole night, next morning wake up and eat the seeds with empty stomach. It really works great, in pushing the bowels out fast. Fenugreek also works in reducing weight and reducing cholesterol levels.

Dandelion Products: Dandelion also provides fast acting constipation relief, it comes in mixed with many tea powders. Make a search online for dandelion products and you will find plenty, its also better to search in local stores near you place.

Natural Remedies to Cure Constipation:

Honey for constipation: Honey works great for severe constipation treatment, take 2 spoons of direct honey or mix it with warm water and drink every day with empty stomach. Honey is best laxative agent which quickly reviles from irritable bowel syndrome. This is the cheapest home ready for treating constipation.

Triphala for constipation: this is the best ayurvedic medicine to cure constipation; this is the best herbal combined medicine to get rid of constipation immediately. Triphala medicine combines Indian gooseberry, bellirica myrobalan and chebulic myrobalan. Mix this powder with warm water and honey, this has been the best medicine for constipation years in Indian history. Constipation has been seen mainly in people in metro cities, using the triphala powder can be a great relief from constipation. You can find it in ayurvedic stores.

Olive oil for constipation: olive oil is an essential oil and is the perfect treatment for extreme constipation. What it does is, it makes the bowel lubricant, which moves quickly out of the body.

Raisins for constipation: are best for painful constipation treatment, when the stools are dry and hard to come out, you can experience sever pain. Raisins for constipation work great for women. Add 5 Raisins in a cup of water and let them soak overnight, next morning eat the raisins along with water.

Guava for constipation: The best fruit for constipation treatment; guava has the ability to cure constipation fast. You should eat this fruit one hour before food or two hours after food.

Home Remedies for Constipation in Toddlers:

Blackberry: Blackberry fruits provide toddler constipation instant relief.

Warm bath for constipation: kids love playing in water, add warm water and make them stay for half an hour. Warm bath could be fast acting constipation relief for toddlers.

Triphala: the powder also can be used for both adults and children. It doesn’t have any side-effects. But use the powder half spoon for kids.

Castrol oil: kids can take 2-3 drops of Castrol oil, it acts as toddler stool softener.

Olive oil: olive oil provides lubrication; it allows easy movement of bowels in toddlers. Use this same as Castrol oil, 2-3 drops can be a very useful remedy for constipation in toddlers.

Fennel Seed Powder: add 1 spoon of fennel seed powder and mix it with half cup of warm water. Make the child drink during bed time. In the morning the stools will pass easily, fennel seed powder is kids constipation quick relief.

Coconut oil massage: add few drops of coconut oil on babies’ stomach and massage in circular directions. This will initiate the stools movement.

Soaked grapes: Take 2-3 dry grapes and add them in water overnight. Next morning give it to kids and let them chew the grapes. This is the best home remedies for constipation in babies.

Lime juice: Lemon juice is the best Indian home remedies for constipation in kids; it has been used since ancient times. Add lemon juice in warm water and mix it with salt or sugar and give it to kids every morning with empty stomach.

Diet For Constipation In Children:

Below diets are used for constipation in children, every mother is worried about what food is best for children during constipation. Below are some high fiber rich foods that kids can eat.

  • Peels and apples, which are high in fiber
  • Peas and dried fruits
  • Blueberries, straw berries and rasp berries
  • Yoguart, cheese or penut butter
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