Single Remedy to Cure Insomnia and Avoid Heart Attacks

People suffering from insomnia, not getting sleep at night leads to increased risk of health attacks.

Single Remedy to Cure Insomnia and Avoid Heart Attacks

This was relieved by latest study by a group of scientists, according to the research scientists say that humans require around 8 hours of sleep every night.

The reasons of less sleep are due to lifestyle changes, eating habits has increased the number of insomnia victims since 10 years. The research was done by medical university of china.

Due to insomnia people suffer from various health problems, the main medical issues caused is health attacks. The research was done on 1.60 lakh people; with insomnia people had heart failures and heart attacks.

Ayurveda Remedy to Prevent Insomnia:

The researches have suggested to use ashwagandha powder. The powder or juice extracted from the ashwagandha plant is rich in triethylene glycol (teg), which improves the quality of sleep to huge extent. This was suggested by a Indian scientist named Mahesh.

ashwagandha powder Cures insomnia

Updated: Aug 5, 2017 — 7:54 am
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