Simple Remedy for Gum Diseases Caused Due To Tobacco

Tobacco is vastly used today in either smoking or chewing, both can cause many gum diseases which can lead to bad breath and tooth fall very quickly.

Do you have the habit of smoking and chewing tobacco items? If so did you ever notice the tooth getting loosen and bad breath coming out from mouth? Then read through the post to know what a simple remedy can cure any kind of bacterial infections that are damaging the gums and tooth.

Firstly, I want to talk about how tobacco can be harmful. Tobacco was used once in a while to enjoy a party or function. Today, almost every one even females love to smoke. Smoking isn’t harmful, but getting addicted is a dangerous sign that you will soon have some kind of illness in the body.

In recent past people were just addicted to smoking, but now there are companies that came to manufacture tobacco powder packets that is consumed directly. In Asian countries people have gone made about chewing these products that are really harming them.

People in India, have many variety of these tobacco products which are causing mouth and throat cancers in young generations. The number of cancer cases has increased from 2010.  It’s just because kids from the age of 12 are looking to take in some kind of tobacco for no reason.

When the companies are still embedding the caption as “Tobacco kills” there is no one going to listen. Even the governments of countries have never tried stopping or even just making a day as “NO TOBACCO DAY”. I have seen many in my relation who are addicted to these tobacco products; they don’t even miss it a single day.

What Happens When Tobacco Is Chewed?

As I said earlier, tobacco isn’t deadly until someone is addicted.  Teenage kids take it for casual time pass and then gradually look to have it regularly. When tobacco is taken, the first thing that gets affected is saliva, as the enzyme’s that are secreted by saliva are very important for everything to function in the body. This fact is never talked or never told by any one, when we swallow the tobacco the enzymes becomes useless and we start developing digestive and acidity problems in the starting stage.

Slowly, the mouth starts to secrete enzymes, which becomes harder for the body to any metabolic activates this lead to formation of cancer, lung diseases.

Chewing tobacco leads to many gum diseases, people will quickly lose teeth. Tobacco affects the central nerves system. You can see people with this habit, can’t concentrate on any one particular thing, they always feel depressed for nothing. So how are going to treat the infected gums? Read below remedies

Simple Remedy For Gum Diseases Caused Due To Tobacco

I have found a new solution the bacterial infections caused by tobacco in mouth can be reduced by having a single Green Cardamom, this spice has plenty of health benefits for body, but it works like a magical remedy for any kind of tobacco infections in mouth.

Keep chewing a green cardamom before having a cigarette or chewing tobacco. It stop bad odor, prevent bacterial infections, gum diseases. Cardamom is cheap spice with plenty of benefits; you can keep a small packet of Cardamom and keep chewing it.

I have experimented this on few of my colleges and it worked out to be a remedy that can keep your mouth safe from infections.

I hope you will try this and let me know the results.

Updated: Apr 19, 2017 — 4:27 pm
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