Permanent Asthma Treatment with Terminalia Arjuna

Learn how to cure Asthma permanently, Follow the Asthma treatment guidelines told by ancient historic gurus of India, which provided complete cure from asthma and lung disorders.

Ayurveda remedies may be tough to follow, but they have answers for every disease on earth, and now treatment of asthma also has permanent solution using remedies like Terminalia Arjuna plant, cow urine and chakkarakeli banana.

Here the method to follow may be difficult as today’s generation will avoid this kind of asthma treatment. The procedure involves oldest techniques to prevent asthma completely.

Permanent Asthma Treatment with Terminalia Arjuna:

First collect Terminalia Arjuna tree bark powder, you can find arjuna tree bark in ayurvedic stores. Make 100 gms powder and store it aside.

Now this should be done a full moon day, take cow milk, rice and sugar. Boil them until rice is cooked, it should be like a Kheer. Once cooked take the cooked vessel and place it at top of roof where the kheer vessel should be exposed to direct moon rays. The vessel should be placed from evening to early morning 4 am; at 4 am mix 10 gms of Terminalia Arjuna bark powder in the kheer and this should be consumed by the asthma patient.

The asthma patient should not sleep after having this kheer for 12 hours. This is the best and natural asthma treatment, which has cured people centuries ago. This asthma treatment should be done on every full moon day for three months. Try this and see how quickly one can get rid of asthma.

Asthma Treatment Using Cow Urine and Chakkarakeli Banana:

Cut 2 chakkarakeli bananas and place them in a vessel, now get country cow urine and pour it on the bananas. After few minutes mix them well and consume the mixture 1 tea spoon once a day, do this for 28-40 days. One will experience permanent cure from asthma with this remedy.

The asthma treatment from Ayurveda gurus may look odd, but this will work in a perfect manner. If the first method is hard, try the second. Cow urine can be found in ayurved stores, but if you have cows near, try collecting the original urine at morning 5 am.

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