Best Ever Natural Remedy To Cure Clogged Arteries (Atherosclerosis)

Do you think you have heart blockage symptoms? follow the Natural Remedy to cure clogged arteries. Which in medical terminology is called atherosclerosis.

The below natural remedy is said to clean the arteries, removes unwanted fat from blood, cleans liver and helps fight against cold and influenza.

I almost have researched the reason for heart problems, and the majors issues were, people with depression, alcohol addition, tobacco addiction, more of red meat, oil diet and processed food are the major causes.

I suggest you take more of raw food along with the daily meals, like beets, carrots, spouts, cucumber, less sugar and salt etc.. variety of fruits should be taken every day an hour before meals or after meals.

Natural Remedy to cure clogged arteries

Fist collect the below ingredients:

Take 5 garlic cloves, ginger root, 5 lemons, Add garlic pieces, ginger pieces, cut lemons without removing the peel.Add them to blender and keep it aside.

Now boil water and after it cools add the blended mixture, mix them well and keep it in a glass container.

Every day take this drink before meals, before 1 hour of meals.


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