Multiple Benefits Of Multani Soil (Mitti) For Hair

Multani soil is used not just to stop hair loss problem but also used in many hair related issues. Many researches show that many hair care products used in today’s market are less effective when compared to mutani soil.

Multani soil doesn’t have quick effect when used, one needs to have patience, it is a great remedy for hair loss, shinning hair, hair strength, etc. below are a few tips for various types and how multani soil can treat in hair loss.

Multiple Benefits Of Multani Soil (Mitti) For Hair :

Multani soil for Dry hair:

Apply sesame oil to hair and leave it for 1 hour
Now apply the Multani soil pack, prepare the multani soil pack

4 teaspoons Multani soil, half cup yogurt or curd, half lemon, 2 teaspoons honey. Mix all this to make a multani paste.

Apply the Multani pack and wait for 15 minutes, now wash the hair with shampoo.

Multani soil for oily hair:

Dissolve Multani soil in water for 4 hours, before you apply this to hair, make sure to add 2 teaspoons Reetha (Soapnut) powder into the muntani soil. Just 30 minutes before applying.
Now apply the pack to hair and wait for 10 minutes and wash the hair.

Multani soil for straight hair:

1 teaspoon multani soil, 5 teaspoons rice powder, 1 egg white, add little water to make to semi liquid.
Now mix it well and apply.

Multani soil for curly hair:

Apply olive oil and sleep
Next day morning mix curd to multani soil for one hour
After an hour apply the Multani soil pack to hair. Wait for 20 minutes, wash hair.
The Next day you can apply shampoo

Multani soil for huge hair loss:

5 teaspoons Multani soil, 2 teaspoon curd, 1 teaspoon black pepper powder
Add these to a cup and wait for 20 minutes
Then apply the pack to hair and wait for 30 minutes
Now was the hair with mild shampoo
Do this for one month and you can see how Multani soil will help stop hair loss.

Updated: Dec 14, 2016 — 5:01 pm
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