Ayurvedic Medicine To Cure Ulcer

Follow the post to know what Ayurveda remedies can cure ulcer.Some people never experience any symptoms of ulcer formation, most of the feel they have just gastric trouble. Ulcer actually grows slowly and enlarges in size to cause serious infection, it creates large hole called peritonitis.

Ulcers occur on key parts of the body, which can lead to damage and sometimes life threatening. Any one neglecting this problem can lead to cancerous ulcers.

Ayurvedic Medicine To Cure stomach Ulcer

Therefore, which you know that you are having ulcers, the moment you need to go for ayurvedic medical experts.

Ulcer pain starts early in the mornings, which doesn’t allow you to sleep. There will be huge stomach pain. Most of the modern doctors’ advice you to take antacids pills, but using antacid pills will provide temporary relief. After few hours you will experience the same pain.

Causes of Ulcers:

Food habits
Fast food
Junk foods
Insomnia, less sleep
Following diet plans, mainly women to get to zero size.
Don’t eating on proper time

How Ulcer is Formed?

There are 2 types of ulcers, one that affects the digestive track and other that affects the small intestine called as duodenal ulcer. Both of these ulcers are called peptic ulcer.

Our body automatically produces hydrochloric acids to digest the food, this acid is formed daily exactly when we are about to take the food. Along with this acid the other acid that helps in food digestion is pepsinogen.

In case you have not taken food at the regular time, which means the same time you took food every day. But, the body produces the above said acids, as it doesn’t find any food, the acids consume the intestinal mucous membrane that is found in the digestive track.

If you don’t maintain food timing for many days, then the acids will take the intestinal mucous membrane as food and this damages the membrane of intestine and produces a bacteria called H pylori, this bacteria causes ulcers, when we don’t identify ulcers for longer time, it becomes cancer.

How Do I Know If I Have Ulcers?

You will have stomach pain, chest pain, flatulence and uneasiness. Along with ulcer you might also have anemia which could be bleeding ulcer.

Few people will receive pain when they are with empty stomach and some others will have pain if they eat anything. Ulcer patients will also have bad odor in mouth.

The odor will start just before the ulcer formation; there will also be pain between the two shoulders. The patients would also have vomiting and constipation.

With ulcer you might feeling not willing to eat anything and if you eat you will have indigestion. Loss of appetite, if you eat little you will feel as though the stomach is completely filled.

You will experience mouthwatering, fatigue, headache, migraine, skin problems, menstruation will be at risk.

Effective Ayurvedic medicine for Ulcer:

Allopathy medicine can just cure the h pylori bacteria and will give temporary relief, but the medicine doesn’t cure the mucous membrane layer.

Ayurveda has the best medicine for ulcer; it can cure any issues related to small and large intestines. It activates the digestive system, increases digestion and Ayurveda assumes to be a greater authenticity.

In the beginning stages of ulcer, using Ayurveda medicine can prevent the formation for h pylori bacteria completely. With this you can completely have cure from ulcer formation.

A few ayurvedic medicines one can use are Alsarex, Avipatrika Churna, Sukumara ghrita.

If possible drink goat milk, this the best remedy to cure any kind of ulcer.

Updated: Apr 3, 2017 — 3:24 pm
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