A Simple Massage To Reduce High Blood Pressure

You eat processed food, drink alcohol and spend huge amount to reduce high blood pressure. Dealing with hypertension has been a main topic discussed in medical forums.

People with high blood pressure usually invest a lot in bringing the sudden high BP to normal, they also follow diet foods, exercises and finally medications.

As of my experience I have seen the BP patience’s are always tensed, as they know that High BP can lead to many other Health disorders.

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Recommended Ways To Controlling High Blood Pressure

You can now do a simple massage to reduce high blood pressure. High BP treatment can work very slow and but the ancient method in decreasing BP will help you deal with blood pressure in 5 minutes. Try out.

Simple Body Massage to Reduce High Blood Pressure:

Watch the picture above to see the 2 points, point 1 below the ear region to 2 collarbone. The neck region should be massaged on both sides with the finger tips smoothly. Never do a hard Massage.

Do this process for 10 times on both the sides for 1 Minute. This an ancient remedy and can be used when the patient feels a sudden high blood pressure raise.

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