8 Weight Loss Effective Ayurvedic Remedies

If you are looking to get slimmer doing workouts, this article on weight loss is not for you. It for the ones looking to ayurvedic remedies to lose weight, this is natural way of losing weight, which can take longer but the results are effective without side effects.

Obesity which is known as gaining weight due to various reasons, everybody is different and one could become over weight due to food, lifestyle habits, blood groups and numerous reasons.

Weight Loss Effective Ayurvedic Remedies

We should maintain healthy habits to keep ourselves slim, as overweight can lead many health issues, such as heart attacks, high blood pressure etc..

The ayurvedic remedies for weight loss are simple spices, food and fruits that help us manage weight for both men and women. These remedies provided below can be found in our kitchen.


Reasons for Obesity:

Scientifically, it is said that overweight leads to Obesity. Which is not true, if you take for example, a person who is weighing 150 KG may not have high cholesterol levels. Its our daily habits that lead to Obesity.

Eating Too Much:

Human bodies are built to take sufficient amount of food according to the needs. People tend to eat too much of food which later make digestion hard. When the food can’t be digested in 2-3 hours after a meal this leads to many complications.

Eating Junk:

Junk its self is the food that is hard for the stomach to digest. It should be eaten once in a while, but today we take the excuse of modern lifestyle and say we don’t have time to cook.

Oily Food:

The oil that is manufactured today is really harming us. Every food that is cooked with this oil can lead high cholesterol. But, we don’t have any other choice; we can’t buy other oil’s due there high cost.

No Exercise:

Yes, this is one main reason of weight gain. We all miss the exercise in our daily schedule, which is must for the body to function perfectly.

No Fruits and Raw vegetables:

I do remember as a kid, that we used to eat raw vegetables, like carrot, beets, cucumber etc. But kids today don’t love them just because parents have not educated them. We are all behind burgers, pizzas, hotdogs and what not. Raw food always gives healthy supplements to the body.

Night Shifts:

People working in nigh shifts are quickly getting overweight. Because the whole body’s line of digestion and work mode will be changed. The eating habits, sleep are two main causes of overweight during night shifts.

Sitting for long Hours:

All most 70% of people stick to the chairs before laptops every day and night. We don’t even get up after an hour.

There are main more causes of Obesity, but the ones I have mentioned above are the major causes. Try to change yourself. Below are the food that can help lose weight.


Weight Loss Effective Ayurvedic Remedies


Ferguson seeds: The best seeds to keep control of your cholesterol and sugar levels in blood. Ferguson seeds indirectly help loss weight.

Add few ferguson seeds in a cup of water and leave them over night.

In the morning drink a large glass of water and then start eating the soaked Ferguson seeds one by one. Do it every day.

Warm water and Honey:

Already there are plenty of articles that have talked about how warm water and honey has helped people lose weight.  We also need to add lemon juice with this mixture.

Warm water is also considered to have many medical values, as it can help cure gastric problem and acidic problems. Most people have acidic problems because they tend to take more water after eating the food, try to drink hot water after food which can help the digestion quickly.

Eat Raw vegetables along with food:

May it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, add few chopped pieces of raw onions, beets, cucumber, carrot and radish. Eat them along with the food, do it for a week and see how healthy you would be.

Castor leaves curry:

Castor leaves curry can help lose weight. It can be cooked in a dish form.

Pineapple and water melon:

Eating these two fruits can help you lose weight. Though water melon is a seasonal fruit, you can find pine apple every day. Make sure you have 3-4 pieces of pine apple every day.


These is the oldest spices that was used almost in every dish or juice. Cinnamon helps lose weight. Have a glass of butter milk with a spoon of Cinnamon powder with it. It also helps reduce heart diseases.


Coconut water:

If you are in a place where coconut plants are grown, then don’t miss to take the coconut water, as it could be cheaper to buy a coconut in such areas.


Ayurvedic Medicine For Weight Loss:


The above said were the home remedies, but if are really too obese and looking to find a alternative medicine to lose weight then I suggest to go for Ayurveda medicine, though they may taste horrible in the beginning, you can used to the taste. But the weight loss medicine in Ayurveda helps lose weight without side effects.


All the products listed below are useful in losing weight:

Divya Medohar Vati

Divya Peya Herbal Tea

Aloe Vera Juice

Triphala Guggul

Amla Juice

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