Yoga Poses Can Reveals Back Pain – Says Boston Medical Center

If you are suffering from severe back pain, then certain yoga poses will help your concerns with back pain.

A recent research has found that practicing yoga can help you keep your back ache to normal. Certain yoga classes are considered definitely for back relief, which are safe and real.

The researchers at Boston medical center have pointed out a new yoga protocol after taking much feedback from yoga gurus, teachers, therapists and physicians.


Best Yoga Pose For Back Pain:


These Yoga poses were moderate poses, the Yoga Gurus consider child, triangle and cat- cow poses are the best ones to cure back pain. The other poses are considered mild and not suitable for everyone, these three poses are the best and with good relaxation techniques.

The aim of this research is to avoid pain killers taken by people. The American college of physicians has said that, it’s better to go for a massage or tai chi yoga other than having these pain medicines.


The yoga participants where from Boston area, who were suffering from low back pain, these participants are also low salary holders.

Go through the below teacher training manual to practice the yoga poses to treat back pain at home.

Yoga Guidebook for Back Pain Relief

The people who came to the Yoga class was divided into 3 groups, the first were to attend weekly yoga, second group were to attend 15 physical therapy and the third group had access to education resources. Others who could not attend were educated to practice yoga for back pain at home.

After few class both group one and two showed good signs, they had less back pain. Before the research most of the patients took some sort of pain killers. After 3 month of Yoga class most of the patients have stopped taking the medication and stuck to the yoga poses.


Director of integrative medicine at Boston Medical Center Mr Rob Saper has insisted people not to go for every Yoga class, he said that this research on back pain yoga has provided them enough proof to say yoga relaxation techniques have helped recover from back pain in a safe way.

He also said that though Physical therapy suggested by most of the physicians could be effective, but still when Yoga poses can offer the same treatment for back pain why go for physiotherapy.

Updated: Jun 20, 2017 — 4:46 pm
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