Women Have More Memory Power Than Men

A recent research has revealed that women have More Memory Power when compared to Men.

The normal approach of science was that men are more intelligent and have great memory power, but this was proven wrong when research have shown that women have more memory power.

Few women during menopause stage have shown to have gradual decrease in the memory. Women in age groups of 55 were taken for this test. Except in the menopause stage all women look to learn new things and also remembered them.

When the same research was done on men, it was seen that men didn’t even show interact in learning the new things.

After few day they conducted a test, which showed that the things learnt where remembered by women the most and gave the best results. This has also proven that today’s girls have forwarded in educational sector due to great memory power.

Updated: Mar 29, 2017 — 1:25 pm
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