Snake Diet: This is a new way to Lose Weight

Here comes a new weight loss method from fitness trainer Cole Robinson, who have experimented snake diet for quick weight, though not everyone has agreed to this kind of diet, it has worked for Robinson.

The name snake diet has been used because, the snake just eats once a day, and the same says the fitness trainer. Eating one healthy meals a day can help shed weight.

Due to the changing habits of our food, we are getting quickly infected with various disease, we are not making any changes in our food habits.

A fitness trainer Cole Robinson has invented a new weight loss method. The new diet name is called snake diet; the specialty of snake diet is that we should eat just one time a day.

The food taken once can be large meal, so that you will have strength the whole day. He said he has followed the same diet to reduce weight.

Robinson said that he has reduced 4 kgs in a week once he started this snake diet. Our health depends on what we consume.

Eating healthy food once a day is enough, but many other have argued with Robinson decision, that not everyone can eat this food and we may face issues later.

Updated: Feb 9, 2017 — 2:25 pm
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