Perfect Ways To Empower Listening Skills In Kids

Kids are most of the time on their own way, parents are aware of this attitude, but do any of us really care if the kids are listening to us. Have you ever tried any tricks that made your children listen to you? I don’t think so, because I have seen parents just yelling at them to listen or do any work said.

If am right, most of the mum’s staying long time with kids know the exact problem faced, kids often avoid parents because they have their own work, they think of creating new things, play games, hesitate even to eat when playing. Today they have complete access to the smartphones and highly knowledgeable in downloading the games and playing them for hours.

So, am sharing my own views on how I have developed my kids to listen to me.


Improving Kids Listening Skills:

They are your reflection:

What parents do, kids would do the same. Yes, I got access to my smartphone, I started staying awake a bit longer during nights, and this made my 2 kids stay awake. They developed this habit of sleeping along with me at 11 PM. Though, I was bit frustrated with this behavior, I didn’t pay attention. But, what further frustrated me was, both my kids would feel lazy to awake up in the morning, they should get ready to school and it was hard for them to awake up. Reflection here is indirectly related to listening of kids. I felt it was my fault and started sleeping along with them at 9 PM, this was then I see them waking at 6 in the morning. This is first thing I have taught myself, what you do as parents are followed by your kids.

Getting Kids attention:

How do you get your attention? One of the toughest questions to answer, right. When the kids are in the playing mood, how can you expect them to listen to you? First, things here is parents are to pay attention toward the kids, like mum starts shouting from Kitchen and asking them to do the home work, in this scenario they don’t even listen or care about what mum is asking.

The best way is to go to them and start playing with them for a while and slowly tell them how important the home work is, slowly watch into your kids eyes and tell them lets finish the home work and start playing again.

Spend time with kids:

Almost every patent does this mistake of not even spending time with kids, we go to office, finish the work, come back home, in an exhausted mood. We take rest, have cup of coffee and cook food. This should never be the case; spending time with kids makes them emotionally get connected in every way possible. Sit with them see what they have studied and help them in finishing the home work. Ask, them about how the day went on, about friends, sports etc.. When they get connected to you, they feel more relaxed and start listening to you with attention.

Be to the point:

When you want them to anything, just tell them few words rather than giving them long sentences, keep it short, for example: say exams, when they hear this word they know they have to prepare for the exam.  Let them concentrate on one task and then move to another. Don’t keep on changing things for them, they will lose concentration and get to the same habit.

Be conscious when taking to others:

When you are talking to others, be careful if the kids are around. When you talk something that is unnecessary this will sit the kids mind. For example: you are talking to friend over a phone and telling that you had a bad day at office and you fell like kicking the boss. The kids will surely take the word “kicking the boss” and they will approach the teachers in school with the same. They don’t respect the teacher, because they gives them work. Make sure you have good conversation with others when kids are around.

Careful while discussing family issues:

If both wife and husband are fighting over an issue, this will affect the kids. Keep calm and discuss whatever you have after the kids are a sleep or outside playing. When kids see their parents quarreling, they become emotionally ditched and never feel like listening to you.

Never ask questions:

It’s the best way for kids to listen to you, if you ask “have you done the home work? They may give the answer yes or no, but tell them “you have the finished the home works in 1 hour” this will give more scope for them to listen.  Never ask questions, say them directly about the work to do.

Way you speak:

Always try to speak positive with good ethics, if for any reason you speak abusive language, kids are very quick learners. You speak with the maid, office colleagues, family members make sure to speak in a positive tone.

Show them what you have achieved:

Parents should show then what they have achieved during the career, this will boost and enhance kids’ activities and feel like learning new things and staying on top.

Updated: May 8, 2017 — 2:44 pm
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