Effect Of Mobile Phone On Human Health

Scientific studies have previously shown the effect of mobile phone on human health, there are many claimed evidences on how harmful cell phones affect all living creatures’ health.

Though it has been said for many years about the hazards of mobile phone usage, the number of companies and towers has been increasing. People living near to the cell towers know the effect of radiation.

The California department of public health has said about the exposure of mobile phone.

Now the Hyderabad doctors have recently researched this closely and also concluded that mobile when close to the body can create many unknown problem. The health risks of mobile phone radiation can cause severe effect on brain. It many now show any problem but in long run the radiation cause more problems.

Students and Mobile Phones:

Even students are more used to mobiles, in a day they use the mobile for almost 16-18 hours. They keep it very close to the body while sleeping.

It’s advised it use ear phones and while sleeping put it away from a long distance.

If mobile are keep close to children it can harm then very quickly. This can lead to brain problem in future.

Both mobiles and tablets are very harmful and are advised not to carry in pockets. It is also dangerous to use mobile high moving vehicles.

You can always see how the birds move away from cell towers; I have seen sparrows die when moving close to cell towers. We need to use technology with purpose and not for entertainment.