Best Every Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicine

An effective Autism Resource, learn the best treatments for the developmental disability in children (kids) using the Ayurvedic Medicine. This ayurvedic treatment will help children overcome behavioral and mental illness issues.

Autism is a mental disorder which can cause neurological, genetical, personality and developmental issues in both adults in children. The health article is specifically designed for children in treating Autism using organic remedies in Ayurveda.

Best Every Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicine

Best Every Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicine


Autism is a disorder where the child losses his senses and is unable to do his daily activates as required. This leads to complicated behavioral issues. Autism is a complex disorder that is related to nervous system and biological system. Children with autism will not have exact growth of system, this leads to improper behavior.

Along with autism, there are other synonyms like red syndrome, Asperger syndrome and childhood disintegrative disorder are some of the issues that children will face and stops the normal growth of children’s. All this disorders are combined called autism spectrum disorder.

In every 1000 children 6 children are suffering from autism, when compared to females, males are more affected with autism spectrum disorder, which is 4% more in males.

The behavior of autism children will be very different, they don’t interact with others, issues with verbal and nonverbal communication and doing the same activity again and again, this is the primary symptom that can prove a child has autism.

Symptoms Of Autism In Children:

Symptoms Of Autism In Children

Parents should watch for these Symptoms


  • Children’s are unaware of the surroundings; parents are the ones who can closely watch this symptom. Children with autism will not respond to any call or action from others.
  • They don’t expose their requirements before anyone, If a child with autism wants to drink water, they don’t share the emotion,
  • they won’t have any facial expression. Instead they may take their parents to the water tin or refrigerator where they can find water.
  • They don’t listen to what others say, they don’t like to obey the rules.
  • Autism kids don’t react any sounds and noises surrounding them, they just are in there own world.
  • They may also laugh where there is no situation to do so.
    The other primary symptom of autism children is that, they don’t watch things in straight, the watch in tilted position. I mean to say with a tilted head sideways, you can see then when children are watching TV, they may have their head cross and the eye balls are not in middle, they are to other sides.
  • Children with autism will also have the tendency to forget things quickly, in the beginning they may look to learn things fast, but gradually they will forget everything.
  • In few cases, children may look very active, but in others they look to be silent and alone.
  • In few cases children will not even respond when we call their name.
  • The other primary symptom of autism children is that, they will never have direct eye contact when taking to others,
  • When they visit a new place they don’t know how to behave.
    There won’t be any socialization or interaction.
  • These kids never play with others; they play alone and don’t like making friends.
  • In few cases children with autism love toe walking, they walk on their toes, instead of feet.

Causes Of Autism In Children:

Causes Of Autism In Children

Pregnancy Women should know the facts of Autism


Serotonin is found more in children suffering from autism.

Genetic predisposition: autism is also caused due to genetical issues, if one in the family has autism, in most cases the next child will also be born with 5% autism.

  1. In a recent study, it has been shown that immigrants from India children born in US have shown lot of Autism cases, Indian parents giving birth in US have had many cases, the reason was due to the milk infants drink in US. The cases were too less in US citizens when compared to Indian citizens.
  2. Cousin marriage, autism has been found in first child after having cousin marriage.
  3. Pregnancy women eating same kind of diet during pregnancy have had autism children in the first or second birth.
  4. It’s also proven that women staying near or beside fields which are sprayed with harmful chemicals are more seen to have autism children’s.

Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicine:

Food to Avoid for Autism Children:

Food to avoid for Autism Children

Avoid High Protein and Diary


Identifying autism in early stage is very important to treat Autism, in Ayurveda this disorder can be treated with food and medicines.

Children with autism can’t digest foods with gelatin and casein. These causes drowsiness in brain, with these children almost get disconnected with human world.

So parents should make sure that food with less gelatin and casein are given to kids. Try using GFCF diet for autism.

Gelatin is found in wheat, oats, barley etc.. casein is found in milk, cheeses, buttermilk and yogurt, avoid these food and see if the child is coming to normal position. If the child behaves the same even after following the GFCF diet, then you should provide normal food and stop following gfcf diet chart.

Autism Treatment with Exercise:

Autism Treatment with Mental Exercise

Continues practice, speech practice, learning, attending events, visualizing things, taking an example, mediation can quickly help in preventing autism.

Abhyanga Massage for Autism Treatment:

Abhyanga Massage for Autism Treatment

Abhyanga Massage Works Great


Parents are advised to do body massage every day in the morning, you can use Sesame Oil or almond oil to massage kids. It is always to do the massage before raising sun from 7-8 am.

This is something do with touch therapy, it is always parents who should take the initiative and massage every part of the body. The child should feel the sensations that he owns his body and his parents are making it look beautiful. Face massage should be done very smoothly, mainly on the cheeks and forehead.

Oil massage can quickly help your kids get rid of autism symptoms. This method has shown 80% success rate in USA and UK.

Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Powders:

Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Powders

Find Change in a Month


Purchase any of this ayurvedic powders, the list below are wonderful powders that can cure autism and help increase the function of brain.

Autism Treatment with Ayurvedic Medicine:

  1. Triphala churna
  2. Shankha pushpi syrup which is known as convolvulus pluricaulis
  3. Ashwagandha churna
  4. Thagaram
  5. Rajat Bhasma Silver Ash
  6. Triphala churna
  8. Saraswati Adista
  9. Mukta Bhasma
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