Best Alternative Medicine Schools In India

The page contains list of alternative medicine schools in India where you can learn anecdotal items such as acupuncture, acupressure, methods of healing, massage, hydrotherapy, nutrition therapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, yoga etc..

Alternative medicine schools in India have been since ages, but were silent has people started showing interest on western medicine, but since 5 years people have seen that Ayurveda started working great, though slow in curing diseases it works in totally providing complete cure. Let me walk you through some of the best Alternative Medicine Schools In India.


Alternative Medicine Schools In India:


National Institute of naturopathy (

If you reach their training section, you will find they have one year full time course with a stipend of 5000 RS and another course is based on nursing diploma in naturopathy and yoga therapy, where they will provide complete training on naturopathy. Students who have passed 12th standard can apply for this course.

Other courses they offer are yoga class, acupressure, free weekly lectures and one day health workshops. Along with this they are pioneers in treating diseases related to spinal cord, blood pressure, nervous problems, constipation, tumors, arthritis and many more. Great place to join, its located in Pune.


The Hypnotherapy school of India (

This school is located in New Delhi, India; one of best schools for hypnotherapy. The school provides certified training on hypnotherapy with different levels. Energy healing, regression, clinical hypnotherapy, past life, spirit release therapy, advanced healing and many more diploma courses.


SunRise University – Alwar Rajasthan (

The SunRise University offers pharmacy programs, science programs, Yoga and naturopathy, agriculture and fire and safety programs.

Mainly the yoga and naturopathy programs have bachelor of yoga and naturopathy which is B.Y.N and another course which is B.A yoga and naturopathy. The first course duration is for 3 years and second one for 2 years.


Institute Of Transdisciplinary Health Science And Technology Bangalore (Tdu.Edu.In)

This institute is located in Bangalore, where students can join for courses related to health science, integrative health science, conservation computing, genomics, medical heritage and many more visit them online to know more.


Parul University (

Parul University is located in Vadodara, Gujarat.There certification courses includes Nursing care, Homeopathic physician assistant-ship, physician, Hospital services, Pharmacy practice, Physiotherapy practice, homeopathy and ayurveda. They also provide a bachelor of ayurveda medicine and surgery course for 66 months with a fee of 12.27 Lakh per annul.

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