Alternative Medicine Schools In California

Below are list of best Alternative Medicine Schools in California that offer medicine degrees related to Ayurveda, holistic medicine, homeopathy, herbology and many more.

If you are looking to learn Ayurvedic, acupuncture, Oriental medicine, naturopathy, homeopathy or hypnotherapy, then this page will help you find the best Alternative Medicine Schools in California.

Alternative Medicine Schools In California:


Bastyr University California:

Bastyr University California - Alternative Medicine Schools In California

One of the best highly ranked university with has grown to setup the benchmark for all naturopathic programs. Bastyr offers plenty of alternative medicine courses like acupuncture, exercise science, Ayurvedic science, Herbal science, Holistic landscape design, Human Biology, Midwifery, Public health, nutrition and many more. If you are passionate about changing the health care, then Bastyr University is the right choice. Get a degree to become a primary care naturopathy doctor to help patients achieve whole health and wellness. Bastyr university education is a combination of modern science and ancient healing methods.

Bastyr University California


California College Of Ayurveda:

California College Of Ayurveda, Alternative Medicine Schools In California

California college of Ayurveda has grown tremendously, Join California college of Ayurveda to become a complete ayurvedic doctor. California college of Ayurveda is an international leader in ayurvedic educations, providing master degrees for students in ayurveda. The programs includes, ayurveda master degree, internships, clinic Ayurveda specialist, health counselor, the workshops includes therapies, massages and panchakarma with organic herbal treatments. The College offers best body therapies treatments, personal attention and care, bliss therapies, herbal oils and many more. Its 2-3 years of program.


California College of Natural Medicine:

California College of Natural Medicine, Alternative Medicine Schools In California

This college is located in South Victoria, providing various training programs on homeopathy and naturopathy. CCNM also provides in-depth training on herbology and healing process. To join any program, individuals should at least have high school diploma or GED.


American University of Complementary Medicine:

American University of Complementary Medicine, Alternative Medicine Schools In California

Aucm has always provided the best of natural and holistic medicine. If you want to get a clinical experience Aucm is the best university. This university offers nutritional medicine in homeo and Ayurveda’s. The certification programs include lifestyle counseling, arthava vedic psychology and many more. Below are the following degree programs

Ph.D. in Ayurveda medicine, homeopathy and classical Chinese medicine
AA in Asian bodywork
Ay.D doctor of Ayurveda medicine
D.H.M doctor of homeopathic medicine
M.s IN nutritional medicine

American University of Complementary Medicine is located in Camden Drive, CA


Acupuncture And Integrative Medicine College:


Acupuncture and integrative medicine college is a unique college located in Berkley, CA, USA. The programs here include Japanese acupuncture and herbs, fertility and women’s health, Massage therapist, herbal dispensary, western bio-medicine, herbology, oriental medicine and professional practice.

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